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CFA 2008-2009 Show Season

There were 227 Norwegian Forest Cats competing in the CFA 2008 – 2009 show season. While there were no National Winners among this years competitors, there were many other successes. The Best of Breed Norwegian Forest Cat is GC, RW, BW Tana Bru’s Caelan; bred and owned by Ron and Janel Pastor. Second Best of Breed is GC, RW Nordictale Georgie of Polar Fairy, bred by Brook Cole and owned by Brook Cole, Edward Chan and Cynthia Lam. The Third Best Of Breed is GC, RW Cherubin Panache bred and owned by Shuichi and Makiko Munemura. Another female DM joins those Norwegian Forest Cats that have earned the Distinguished Merit award: GC, DW Heavenly Joy Av Jostedalsbreen, DM owned by Russell K. L. Law.

Twelve Norwegian Forest Cats obtained Regional Winner awards this season. The North Atlantic Region saw four Norwegian Forest Cat Regional Winners. There were three in Japan, two each in the Great Lakes Region and International Asia, Latin America Division and one in the Southwest Region. In addition to the breed awards previously noted, the best Norwegian Forest Cat kitten is GC, RW Kitzn’s Bubbles, bred by Keith Kimberlin and owned by Keith Kimberlin and Kate Barie. Best Norwegian Forest Cat in Premiership is CH, GP, RW Emil Fra Lonneberg Felis Jubatus, owned and exhibited by Janeen and John Deangelo.

Twenty-eight catteries produced cats that granded during the 2008-2009 show year. Nineteen cats achieved the Grand Championship title and twenty one cats achieved the Grand Premier title. Forest Cats exhibited in the Brown Tabby – Brown Tabby and White color class were just under 50% of the competing cats. Blue tabbies made up the largest percentage of the “All Other Colors” with 15% of all competing Norwegian Forest Cats.

Awards and titles are certainly nice to take home, but all the cats and kittens that make it to the show hall are all ambassadors of our breed. They make it possible for people to see our Forest Cats “in person” and have some interaction with you, the experts! I would like to offer my congratulations and thank you to all the Norwegian Forest Cat breeders and exhibitors who showed in CFA this season.

Katherine Bock
CFA NFC Breed Council Secretary


NFCFA wishes to congratulate the following cats
and owners on their awards for 2008-2009!

GC, RW Kitzn's Bubbles
Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten

Breeder: Keith Kimberlin
Owner: Keith Kimberlin and Kate Barie
GC, RW, BW Tana Bru's Caelan
Best of Breed Norwegian Forest Cat
23rd Best Cat Great Lakes Region

Breeder/Owner: Ron and Janel Pastor
CH, GP, RW Emil Fra Lonneberg Felis Jubatus
Best of Breed Norwegian Forest Cat in Premiership

Breeder: Jette Eva Madsen
Owners: Janeen and John Deangelo
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