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Celebrating more than 30 years! 1980-2010
NFCFA was chartered on July 4, 1980 in Wilmington, Delaware.

The Norwegian Forest Cat Fanciers' Association is a group of dedicated breeders and fanciers dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Norwegian Forest Cat and cats in general. We are a non-affiliated association who welcomes members not only here in the United States but throughout the world.

Norwegian Forest Cats are shown by Breeders and Fanciers all over the world and are fast becoming a crowd favorite!

To find a show in your area, visit the following links:
Although the Norwegian Forest Cat is a natural breed, robust and healthy, there are diseases common to all cats regardless of whether they are pedigreed or a household pet.

Follow this link to view the articles on these health issues as well as the research being conducted to prevent them.
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